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Immersive Design Studio

Pierre Roberson, AIA, NOMA is a Detroit native and licensed architect with more than 10 years experience leading complex architectural projects with some of the most prestigious firms in the Midwest.  Pierre brings a unique balance of valuable design sensibility joined with exceptional technical expertise. He is an architect that understands that critical thinking and rigorous analysis are the hallmarks of successful architectural design. He also recognizes that the most refined formal aesthetics of architecture are not found through random selection, but are instead the result of a stringent, solution-driven process of rationalization and mathematical precision.

At the conceptual stage of each design, Pierre applies a sophisticated design process, through the adaptation of the latest industry technologies. This process pervades all phases of the design, resulting in architectural solutions that broaden the imagination, fusing the attributes of form and function while efficiently fulfilling client deliverables. As a key member and leader on several ground breaking, award winning projects, his design approach is a proven contribution to innovative architectural solutions.



Pierre Roberson, aia, noma

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